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We strongly believe that when the most appropriate services are provided, it makes a significant and very real difference in the way people with a disability cope, respond and transition into supported accommodation care and independent living.


It has been our experience that when the most appropriate and tailored services are delivered, individuals make the greatest improvements. Clients directly benefit from this approach through their ability to retain a level of independence without the need for more acute care and thereby avoid the associated high costs.


We are always happy to make a free visit, without any obligation at all, for an assessment of potential client needs. In order to provide you with a care service that matches your care requirements exactly, we will arrange for a member of our Care Team to visit you and carry out a full assessment of your individual circumstances and needs. Following this visit, we will be able to provide you with a fully costed proposal for your care package.


To this end, ACA has developed the following five stage care plan: Our tailored services are monitored on an ongoing basis by dedicated liaison teams to ensure the quality,



  • Our carers meet you to understand your personal healthcare needs and any specialist or clinical assistance you may require - we can see you within 12 hours!
  • Attend meetings at arranged times for all parties to familiarise ourselves with client requirements
  • Risk assessment
  • Understand the  Care Service Request
  • Management and development of care is committed to involving clients, families, advocates and carers.


2. Planning

  • Our Staff  design a care plan that fits comfortably around your daily routine and lifestyle; detailing scheduled visits and the services that we'll deliver.
  • Formulate written care plans according to client needs and procedures
  • Ensure medical care orders are clear and reflected in the care plan
  • Collaborate with other service providers to coordinate holistic care plan
  • Ensure client preferences are reflected in care plans
  • Plan overall activities with focus to promote independence


3. Implementation

  • We pre-select the very best support staff, allowing you to approve them should you choose to – all of our carers are trusted, vetted . We recruit nurses and support workers with skilled backgrounds  gained from clinical facilities or other health care settings.
  • Making the right caregiver match
  • Implement rosters
  • Provide care according to care plans
  • Establish and implement policies, procedures and OSH regulations
  • Seamlessly transition with existing contractor, if/as required
  • Develop and implement capacity plan
  • Your service commences


4. Evaluation

  • Your hand-picked team will assist you as you wish, both in and outside the home.
  • Evaluate team performance and effectiveness
  • Evaluate areas where further training may be required
  • Provide adequate training and ongoing support
  • Feedback


5. Ongoing supervision and communication

  • Implement accepted solutions for issues that regularly arise and demonstrate professional practices
  • Management Systems & Practices
  • We are committed to ensuring quality is delivered across all aspects of the business. To this end, our management systems have
  • been assessed and approved to the quality management systems, standards and guidelines of ISO 9001:2015.  Our dedicated quality management team oversees the systems and processes that underpin our service delivery. We continuously seek ways to improve our services and invite you to provide your feedback at any point by contacting us and speaking to your services coordinator or director of Nursing Services. We also seek your feedback through regular surveying and will share any improvements.
  • ACA is also regularly inspected in conjunction with its ISO 9001:2015 award.
  • Attach feedback form



ACA subscribes to the need to protect all parties and this is demonstrated by the purchase of significant, broad coverage contracts of insurance.The insurance cover purchased and renewed is detailed as follows:

  • Public Liability Indemnity Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Brokerages and Contracts